Handbrake Online Service

The portable online service for compressing your video files on demand without computing power. Your video-files will get compressed and reduced in filesize up to 80%.



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What is Handbrake Online?

Handbrake Online is an online service for compressing your video files. This software is based on the open source software handbrake.fr. This website provides the same service as the software would but if you don’t have enough processing power or no clue, how to use the tool, this online-service is exactly what you need to compress your video files.

Why use Handbrake Online Service?

As the software is pretty complicated to use with multiple files, this service provides you with no to just the bare minimum parameters on compressing your video files with handbrake. It does not slow down your computer and gives you the opportunity to let it compress your videos in the background while you can do something else in the meantime.

Is the online video compressor free?

Yes, the tool is absolutely free to use. After uploading your video files for compression the files get appended to a queue and will be processed. After compression the Handbrake Online Service lets you download the compressed video files. If you don’t want to wait for the service to finish, you can leave your e-mail address and get a download link, as soon as the compression is done.

Aren't there alternatives?

Yes, but most of them require you to install some scripts on your local computer and use the terminal to get startet. This service is there to remove that barrier.

Why do we do this?

Handbrake is a great tool to cut huge filesize off videos while keeping very good video quality. While it’s easy to use, installing the program and looking at Handbrake for the first time can be overwhelming. Many setting options do not have to be set here for standard compression. In order to further simplify the interface and give everyone the opportunity to use Handbrake easily and simply, we offer this online service.